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Breakthrough Products for the QTC Process

2016-2017 - San Mateo, CA     Branding  |  Visual Design



Resource Library

Designed and iterated on a variety of enhancements to our resources library. We looked to improve key metrics while developing UX enhancements that would drive our business forward, streamline our content creation process and efficiency, and create a best-in-class user experience for those looking to find info and those who may be interested in Apttus products.

A few highlights:

  • I developed key strategies with the team to rebrand our image tiles so they feel like a cohesive brand

  • Worked with the demand gen team and product marketers to develop a strategy to leverage strong SEO copy in creating aesthetically pleasing cover photos that represent the content

Training-On-Demand, Apttus Community

Besides the resource library, I had the opportunity to rebrand Apttus Community with the Community Advocate team. The Training sites are different microsites where customers, as well as sales individuals, go to to learn about the Apttus products. Using the 12-grid system, I worked with the product marketing team and Sr. Community Manager to create an easy to digest landing page to all the training assets. The six modules above are the navigation links that drive the user to the specific page they needed to go to.

With the new design, retention on the site and downloads have increased by 30% and 50% respectively. This is important because this cuts down on the time sales leaders and teams have to spend with clients and prospects because they can now learn on their own time.


Working closely with the paid advertisement team to run campaigns for events and product launches on social media and on the site using only on-brand but also lead people to click and enter our sales funnel.

  • Developed and refined Apttus branded content creative offerings

  • Created systems and templates to integrate brand and assets into



I worked on many presentation decks Apttus used at live demos and break out sessions at Salesforce's Dreamforce. The sample directly below was used by Nick McCoy, Director of Sales Engineering during a demo to 750+ audience members at Apttus' "Win a Trip" Session.

You can view other presentations here.



Data Sheets and White Papers

Other print related projects including production design work on all product marketing data sheets and white papers. I specifically worked with the Product Marketing team to update and maintain Apttus Data Sheets to standard and on our on fulfillment center.

Since these assets are gated on the Apttus site, please reach out to me specifically if you'd like some samples of what they look like.

Quote-to-Cash Book

My first project while at Apttus was to develop the page layout and cover design for CEO, Kirk Krappe's book to launch at Dreamforce 2016. The book was to be written and published in such a short timeline that no one thought of how to lay the book out. Not only was the book text-heavy, but it was also in black and white except for the cover. I came up with multiple ways to use typography and line weight to create callouts as well as pull quotes. You can find the book on Amazon for purchase!

A few highlights:

  • Worked with Head of Brand and Creative Director on laying out the book and collaborating with the publisher

  • Worked with Paid marketing team members to market the book on the web

  • Was an Amazon Best Seller within a month

(Below) Cover Design for CEO, Kirk Krappe's Intelligent Quote-to-Cash Book, will be available at Dreamforce 2016 and online (October 2016)

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