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Experience More — Experience Local

2020 - San Francisco, CA     UI/UX  | Product Design  | Visual Design


To create an update to the Atmosfy app user interface that will create better cohesion for explorers to browse and post.


The formats today are limited. There are inconsistencies in not only the typography, but the user flow for uploading content and assessability.


The initial brainstorm led to a variety of different explorations that tackled the main issues. The challenge lies in the nature of the current four column grid for the application. By moving to a two column grid system, there will be enough room for users to digest the information without everything feeling too cluttered.


During qualitative research sessions, the learnings validated that Users do like to interact and evaluate videos using the two column design. The carousel was easy to understand and we also enabled autoscrolling on a 3 second interval for those impatient users. Users said that they felt like it took the work away from them which gave them more time to explore the other tabs. Once they tap into the video, Users loved the ability to see the images in a larger view.


Research has also enabled us to reflow how the uploaded video behaved as well as the other information on view.

According to our interviews, the old layout and color schemes cluttered the app more than it needed to.

Atmosfy Old.png
Nearby Carousel framework.png
Restaurant Tab.png
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