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The Cyber Exposure Company

2020 - San Francisco, CA     UI/UX  | Visual Design

Tenable-Cover-Landing Page.png

To deliver a world-class site to achieve a better buy journey for prospects.


We all know to develop the perfect funnel to drive sales can be a daunting task. Our team identified many key areas like blogs, whitepapers and the site as the many areas of points of entry. My job was to focus on the site. From the homepage to the site map, there were so many elements that could be improved from a design perspective. Tenable's website has many subpages and micro pages that it lacked brand cohesion.


It was important to recognize that there were so many different ways that a buyer could enter our app. Tenable doesn't necessarily rely on a single discovery page but rather a combination of product and solution pages as well as the blog and resource section. The components that were on these pages could use modernization and cohesion.


Current Landing Pages

Though there have been some gradual improvements in brand color usage, the Tenable website looks like 5 or 6 sets of designers executed the site. My job was to create consistency for pages and microsites alike by working with the web and marketing operation teams to standardize pages and create components that could be used across different parts of the site including symbols, form fields and overall stylesheet.

Original Industry Page.png
Original Resource Library.png

Understanding Personas

Personas help me to create understanding and empathy with the end-user, which in most cases is the buyer. The more I engage with the persona and see them as 'real,' the more likely they will be to consider them during the design process and want to create the best user journey for them.



With an intricate website, there will be many ways for a user to get lost in the journey if things aren't planned accordingly. By sitemapping, it ensures that the team's  UX strategy is on the right track.


Medium Fidelity and Testing

After working with the web team we iterated over several weeks to find the perfect balance content and injection points for our gated and ungated content. We moved CTAs around, optimized on where to place the hello bar and eliminated many redundancies. Refreshed company icons gave the product pages the graphical treatment they needed to add delight for our potential clients.

A lot of work our team invested into the constant revisions and tests for the user experience. The landing pages were constantly tested by a split 50/50 traffic split.

The product landing pages were constantly changing, and with the assistance of HotJar and GA, we measured various data connected with the product interfaces and other product metrics. But it wasn’t conducted on baseless assumptions, as it wouldn’t be possible without the involvement of a Tenable target audience testing, which gave us direct feedback.


According to that, our web design agency was implementing specific changes to the design. Below are a few comparison images before and after our team made adjustments to the Tenable website.

Industry Page-MedFidelity.png

Final Deliverable

As a result, we ended up with a flow with a 100% completion rating. We improved the layout of the design of our product pages to maximize information above the fold, create a clean and legible layout with key design elements, and design call-to-action buttons with clear next steps.

Industry Page.png
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