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Visual & UI/UX Designer at Tenable;


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I have been a professional designer in San Francisco for over 7 years working on projects for garten, Apttus, VentureBeat, Kaiser Permanente, and others. I currently work on the Global Marketing team at Tenable where I share my love of storytelling and problem-solving.

As a designer, I'm a product and systems thinker who collaborates well with cross-functional teams. My design process connects products with users through mediums that build awareness and stories/products that sell.


While practicing my craft, I am still amazed by the powerful role design plays in communication. I believe that through careful consideration of the target audience, user feedback, and thoughtful problem-solving, designers have the ability to sell an idea or story that makes, or breaks the identity of a business.

If you have a project in mind, please do not hesitate to contact me! I would love to collaborate and work on a new project or get the chance to sit down and network.



I shape products throughout the entire design and development process - from ideation to research and explorations, wireframes, prototypes, to eventually pass onto engineers, marketers, and sales teams alike.

Aside from UI/UX design, I also design PowerPoint presentations and event marketing collateral, check it out below!




As a designer, imagery plays a huge part in shaping and forming business decisions. I have photographed for large scale events such as Salesforce's Dreamforce Conference to even small birthdays and graduation parties.

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