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The Cyber Exposure Company

2019 - San Francisco, CA     UI/UX  |  Project Management


Building a better user experience for our employees to learn about each department and to share knowledge about trends, templates and more.


Not only was Tenable's intranet getting outdated, but consistency between pages also lacked. Furthermore, employees did not find the experience enjoyable because nothing was relevant to them.


For our update, we polled over 400 employees and found that over 50% wanted to have a personal timeline as their homepage rather than randomly suggested posts posted by our internal comms manager.


With this great data at my disposal, I built out templates and trained user groups on how to manage and publish their own content. Our intranet refresh has vastly improved viewership over the past year with an average time spent on page increasing from roughly two minutes to close to four minutes per session. Not only is viewership increasing but even monthly active users are increasing by 33% over the past month alone.


Currently working on a V02 that takes into account our HotJar results. We are finding that users aren't scrolling past 60% on the homepage so we have to optimize on bringing more relevant information to the top of the page. Our department pages have seen an uptick of 20% in viewership.

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